Our evidence-based approach to developing leaders and teams stems from over 20 years of research and a strong commitment to the latest insights in leadership and team effectiveness. 


We provide customised accountability strategies to ensure our partnership with you drives meaningful behavioural change.

Our team work with leaders and teams from organisations such as

Clear Advice

We go beyond the traditional approach. 

The CoachAdviser® Framework infuse traditional coaching and management development with clear, actionable advice. 

We draw on experience, research and evidence-based insights from psychology, organisational behaviour, and applied neuroscience.

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Profiling and Data Insights

We generate psychological and behavioural insights that provide powerful data on your leadership, team and organisational capabilities.

Our tools include options for self-reporting, 360s at individual leader and management team-levels. We run strengths-based and collaboration assessments, stakeholder diagnostics, culture and engagement audits.

We equip clients with aggregated data on key themes from coaching and leadership services. Insights provided to the board and management teams highlight organisational challenges and opportunities to drive growth.

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Dynamic Interventions

We equip leaders with capabilities required for rapid, sustainable growth. 

Our tailored leadership and team interventions drive engagement and performance.

Through accountability strategies to track individual and collective progress, we foster goal attainment and meaningful behavioural change. 

Our management and wider leadership teams recommendations for organisation-wide change. 


Ways we can work together:

Leadership Development Experiences, Leadership cohorts, Team workshops, Coaching bench, Self-paced learning options

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Personalised Coaching

The CoachAdviser approach differs from other coaching philosophies. We equip your leaders by blending traditional coaching with insights, advice and powerful coaching techniques. Our coaching services integrate with your business and learning priorities.

Research shows that coaching can fuel a greater ability to deal with change, increase leadership self-efficacy and resilience, enhance solutions-focused thinking and increase goal attainment.

We partner with clients to provide scalable, tech-enabled coaching services to streamline development while making each experience tailored to the coachee’s personal needs and goals.

Beyond supporting clients with our team of highly skilled and accredited coaches, we train and accredit senior professionals globally to become coaches and mentors through our partnership with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.


Coaching Areas/Topics: 

  • Leading Change
  • Leadership Transitions
  • Driving Collaboration
  • Culture & Engagement
  • Executive Presence
  • Strengths-based teams
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Resilience & Wellbeing

Ways we can work together: 

One-to-one coaching, team coaching, accredit leaders at coaches and mentors

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Thought Leadership

We draw on the latest insights and research developments as well as practical implications, shared in one-to-one, team and organisation-wide forums. 

We have access to a wide range of faculty experts from different industries and leading business schools

Ways we can work together: 

Keynotes, company offsites

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Meeting, finance and planning of senior man with leadership, teamwork and group discussion for collaboration. Real business, financial and accounting person, boss or people with success and paperwork

Who we work with

  • Leadership Cohorts
  • Management Teams
  • Departments & Teams
  • Individual Leaders
  • Fast-track/ Talent
  • New to Senior Leaders
  • Company-wide Engagements
  • Boards, PE, VC & Portfolio Companies

Our Commitments


Quality Assurance

We adhere to the EMCC Global Code of Ethics which outlines and regulates strict professional standards, including around confidentiality, supervision, diversity, equity and inclusion.


Co-Creation Approach

We offer bespoke design of leadership development experiences and facilitate the co-creation process, working closely with internal sponsors and leaders. 


Social Responsibility

We are committed to having a positive impact in society and provide pro bono coaching to leaders at The Princes’ Trust, the World Health Organization and UNICEF. 

Our Team

Chris Neighbour

Business Psychologist, Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Carrie Fletcher

Senior Leadership and Strategy Consultant

Dr Connson Locke

Professorial Lecturer in Practice, London School of Economics

Natalie Smith

Programme Director, Leadership Team Facilitator
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