Monica Shneider

Monica Schneider

Executive Coach, Leadership and Engagement Mentor

Monica Schneider is an executive coach with over 10 years’ experience in international branding, marketing and management. She works with individuals and managers to develop their leadership skills and progress their careers focusing on always remaining in authentic alignment with who they are.

With experience in driving cultural change and supporting teams through challenging transformations in the public and private sector in the UK, France and Eastern Europe, Monica is committed to supporting organisations going through such changes.

Monica has a degree in Marketing Management, a Diploma from the Academy of Executive Coaching and is accredited in Coaching and Mentoring with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

She combines a solid international corporate background, several leadership positions with an eclectic approach to coaching. In her practice, she draws on classical executive coaching models but also philosophy, creative coaching techniques, psychological principles and meditation.


Through mentoring and advising leaders and teams, Monica supports organisations in driving employee engagement, aligning purpose, efficient communication across cultures as well as preparing employees for the transition towards leadership roles.

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