Lucy Hoffmann

Lucy Hoffmann

Executive Coach and Communications Consultant and Mentor

Lucy Hoffmann is an executive coach and communications consultant and mentor, with over 25 years’ experience in international corporate and public communication. She is a TEdx speaker coach and speech writer, preparing leaders for strategically important conferences, talks and media events. Lucy helps people and organisations communicate to engage, energise and inspire, so they can be confident that their key messages will help them reach their strategic goals.

She has broad experience across a wide range of industries and specialisations including banking, finance, pharma, manufacturing, sustainability, scientific research, government, international diplomacy and higher education.

Lucy helps her clients to grow in their roles, develop their executive presence, communicate with impact and influence and overcome obstacles to achieve their full potential. They see real and measurable results that are both immediately applicable and long-lasting, helping them to achieve their desired aims. Based in Paris and London, she advises leaders globally, in English and in French, and has wide-ranging intercultural business experience, working with international teams.


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