Dr Tarek Jomaa

Dr Tarek Jomaa

Executive Coach, Programme Faculty

Dr Tarek Jomaa brings a unique blend of leadership expertise in motorsport, engineering and higher education. Dr Tarek Jomaa is a highly sought-after consultant, mentor, and coach. As an EMCC accredited Senior Practitioner, Dr Jomaa specialises in raising awareness among leaders and challenging them to overcome barriers, making him an invaluable asset for clients aiming to achieve new levels of success.

Dr Jomaa’s impact extends far beyond one-to-one coaching. He has revolutionised the motorsport engineering curriculum at the University of Derby, bringing about significant transformations. His innovative approach includes embedding coaching within leadership and teaching in higher education. These remarkable contributions have earned him the prestigious Senior Fellowship of Advance HE (SFHEA) and recognition as a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership.


As a dedicated volunteer for EMCC UK, Dr Jomaa plays a pivotal role in co-leading the Special Interest Group in Higher Education to explore how coaching and mentoring can benefit the sector. Additionally, he serves the EMCC UK as its deputy director responsible for the professional development of coaches in the UK. Notably, Dr Jomaa has created his own coaching model and developed the “5A leader” concept, where he coaches and mentors’ leaders to lead based on the five awareness pillars.

Dr Jomaa is a passionate advocate for diversity, embracing a rich array of languages including English, French, Italian, and Arabic for his coaching. With a 15-year track record of working internationally, including across the Middle East and Europe, he brings a unique set of skills that blend industry-specific insights with transformative coaching methods.


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