Dr Simone Schank

Dr Simone Schwank

Consultant, Psychologist

Dr Simone Schwank is a consultant and coach, with expertise spanning intercultural communication and collaboration, organisational psychology ,and mental health.

In her coaching work, Simone supporting individuals to develop methods for coping and creating balance and success in life. She coaches business leaders to enhance their development and performance, and coaches women returners to corporate position or who are starting their own companies.  Simone is accredited in various profiling tools and integrates personality assessments to enhance employees’ understanding of their sense of self and appreciation for how different personalities impact work culture and productivity. This expertise Simone shares in one-one, team development, and facilitated group training.

An expert in intercultural communication, Simone advises global corporations, consults to universities to establish international collaboration, and coaches individual business leaders and entrepreneurs in cultural sensitivity.

Simone is the author of multiple research articles and a book on mental health in urban China (2019). She has global experience working, teaching, and consulting intercultural communication, with proficiency in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Swedish, and Mandarin Chinese, which provide her the cultural background to understand and be sensitive to the nuances, similarities, and differences of business interactions across borders.

Simone has a background in working, living, and conducting research around the globe. She successfully runs multinational research projects, for which she is responsible financially and academically. As professor, she has taught and mentored students, researchers, and healthcare professionals around the world, including from Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, LA, Stockholm, Zürich, and the U.K.

In her corporate and academic life, Simone works with global organisations and leading universities internationally. Simone has coached professors and university board members in navigating multinationals collaborations. She has facilitated conversations across borders and institutional cultures.

Dr Simone has a B.A. in Psychology, M.S. Organisational Psychology, PhD Medical Doctorate, M.A. in Linguistics and Literature, and M.S. in Mental Health Counselling and is accredited to use a number of profiling assessment tools.

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