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Miriam Rayman

Miriam Rayman

Executive coach

Miriam Rayman is an executive coach with expertise in leadership of change, diversity and future trends. Miriam works with clients to lead successfully through change, specifically driving momentum through digital transformation, resilience coaching and agility, building assertiveness and confidence, leadership when starting a new role or stretching to new challenges.


Miriam is particularly interested in helping women to unlock their potential and progress in work. She recently commissioned a YouGov survey analysing companies both over and under the Government’s target for 33% female boards for Vodafone to identify successful mechanisms that close the gap. Approachable leaders alongside coaching and mentoring schemes came out as key levers for success.


For 15 years, Miriam has worked as a cultural strategist for brands such as Coke, McCain, ITV, Grey Goose and Britta identifying shifts in consumer behaviour and providing strategic recommendations so brands can tune into and drive public opinion. As a coach and adviser, she follows the thinking through from insight to implementation, working with leaders to orient the business in the direction of future trends. Miriam has repeatedly been commissioned to investigate the impact of AI on the future of work for clients such as Google, Genpact and Panasonic and whilst she is excited about the new technology, her research champions the power of human relationships.


Miriam’s key industries include Media, Technology, Banking, Legal, Retail and Hospitality. Miriam is a qualified coach and mentor through The Executive Coach-Adviser course with CoachAdviser, accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. She previously studied Human Geography at University College London. Miriam tweets about leadership through change, diversity at the top and future trends @miriamrayman.