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Claudine Menashe Jones

Claudine Menashe Jones

Executive coach

Claudine is an executive coach and consultant with more than two decades of global strategy and delivery experience. She works with leaders – from government, the private sector and INGOs – who want to make a real difference in their industry and society.


As an executive coach, Claudine helps clients look at situations with a new perspective, develop creative solutions and take concrete steps towards their goals. She challenges and supports leaders to achieve their objectives, bringing practical tools and insights from experience and from the latest thinking and research on leadership and management.


As a consultant, Claudine offers strategic advice on how to achieve key goals, drawing on years of professional experience. She personally has a track-record of successfully delivering major projects in large and complex systems.


Claudine works with leaders across a wide range of industries. She has extensive experience in education, health and national security. Claudine has worked with the World Health Organisation, the University of Oxford, the UK Department for Culture Media and Sport, global NGO The Education Development Trust and numerous governments around the world. She understands what it takes to lead and engage teams. Claudine has spearheaded system-wide reforms of public services as a senior Civil Servant and has helped scale a global impact business. She has worked in various Government Departments – including the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit and the Cabinet Office in the UK – and held a range of leadership roles: setting up high-performing strategy teams; running national operations of more than 250 people, and supporting change programmes in 18 different countries.


Claudine is an accredited Coach and Mentor with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and is also certified in the use of profiling tools.

Claudine Menashe Jones