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We are here to support you

During COVID-19, we are committed to bringing extra support to your leaders and teams.

Here are some of the areas we can help you with.

Leading Change and  Navigating Uncertainty

Our programmes provide practical advice and insights into effective change leadership:


  • Craft vision, rapidly pivot strategies and communicate effectively
  • Understand how to navigate uncertainty and build trust
  • Apply the full range of influencing techniques and gain buy-in across the organisation
  • Drive collaboration for immediate and long-term sustainable impact
Virtually Communicating

Virtually Communicating with Impact and Influence

Powerfully engage your audience – in small meetings and large presentations by:


  • Demonstrating integrity and authenticity
  • Influencing effectively beyond hierarchy
  • Strengthening relationships and facilitating meaningful discussion
  • Understanding the risks of virtual communication
  • Applying practical techniques to get key messages across and create a lasting impact

Strengthen Leaders and Teams in this Season

Proactively build leadership and team strengths through and beyond the current season:


  • Create tailored development interventions to rapidly increase leadership capacity
  • Equip leaders with skills, confidence and accreditation to coach and mentor
  • Conduct a culture audit, enhance your values framework, align people strategies
  • Evaluate team dynamics to achieve team and organisational goals
  • Employ strategies for the next season to drive engagement and position teams

Building Resilience and Sustaining Energy

We provide powerful, practical insights to build team and organisational resilience. This enables you to:


  • Identify the key pressures on your leaders and teams
  • Create strategies to manage risk and mitigate pressure
  • Acquire data on unique energisers – at leaders, individual and teams
  • Provide opportunities for individuals to have tailored coaching plans
  • Increase engagement, productivity and drive sustainability across the business
Virtual Coaching

New Virtual ‘Impact’ Coaching Sessions

New 50-minute virtual impact coaching sessions to support your leaders and teams during COVID-19, blending traditional executive coaching with powerful insights and advice tailored to your goals. Example content areas include:

  • Practical advice for leading and managing virtually
  • Insights into leading and managing well through change and uncertainty
  • How to create the leader and team dynamics required for this season
  • Leadership and management risk areas and how to mitigate these in practice
  • Personal leadership and profiling options, resilience and energy management
  • Virtual communication, influence, client management and business development

To find out how we can support you and your team.