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Next Course Commencing May 2019, London
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How is this different and why should I do it?
  • The CoachAdviser Advantage
    The course builds on the skills and practices of traditional coaching, but recognises that what many people are actually looking for when they seek out a coach is something similar to a sports coach – someone who can guide and challenge them, as well as offering the best practical advice and suggestions to address their specific needs. The Executive CoachAdviser® course equips you with the knowledge required, from experts in the field, to confidently offer advice. This enables you to have a significant impact beyond the scope of what traditional coaching is able to achieve. This course will increase the practical and financial value of your offering and differentiate you in the coaching market, or if internal, will equip you to add substantial value within your organisation as a leader.
  • World-Class Faculty
    The course is led by expert faculty from top-tier universities and experienced practitioners, offering unparalleled access to research-based content and world-class teaching methodologies. For more information on our Faculty click here.
  • Business Relevance
    We partner with leading firms and organisations to provide Executive Coaching and Consulting services. We ‘walk the talk’ – we understand the marketplace, the challenges the leaders of today face, and have the practical insight and know-how of what works. We equip you with the latest, most relevant skills and expertise, to enable you to add exceptional, targeted value to clients.

What will I gain?

Participants join a small, select cohort of mid- to senior level professionals, with access to powerful teaching by expert faculty and experienced CoachAdviser® practitioners setting them up for a successful career.

  • Accreditation
    The Executive CoachAdviser® course is accredited with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). Upon successful completion of our course and meeting assessment criteria, participants are accredited at Practitioner Level in Coaching and Mentoring by the EMCC. Participants complete the course with the confidence, expertise and accreditation to immediately practice as an Executive Coach, a CoachAdviser® and a Mentor.
  • Specialist Content
    The course includes a strong leadership component, with a module in Leadership Styles and Effectiveness by Dr Connson Locke and Dr Rebecca Newton from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Additional specialist content is available in the CoachAdviser Masterclasses.
  • Positioning
    We are committed to positioning our participants for career success in the busy coaching market. Our model goes far beyond traditional coach training, enabling CoachAdvisers® to offer coaching, mentoring and tailored advice, building on their unique experience and expertise, differentiating them in the broad coaching market or as a strong internal leader. We work with participants to identify and position their own unique offering.
  • Network
    Gain a network of peers from the course and upon completion become part of a wider CoachAdviser community, to benefit from ongoing professional development and support.

Executive Coach-Adviser Course, commencing May 2019, London:

Central London
➲ Fundamentals of coaching
➲ Coaching theories and models
➲ Practice and feedback
➲ CoachAdviser Model

➲ Coaching feedback and insights
➲ Leadership styles and effectiveness

Watch lectures in your own time between the webinars

Flexible in your own time from the course start through to the end of Summer 2019
Submission of Coaching Log: minimum of 12 sessions

Prior to the assessment day
On submission of your Coaching Log

The Executive CoachAdviser course takes place over six months, comprising both face-to-face and virtual learning. The on-site components run in central London and the virtual components via our bespoke learning platform. Participants engage in CoachAdviser® practice sessions throughout the duration. Courses are designed with maximum flexibility to fit our participant’s demanding schedules, with most continuing to work full time during the course.

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Masterclasses and Additional Courses

We offer Masterclasses and Workshops in specialist content e.g. strategy, influence, communication, personality, collaboration, gravitas and strengths-profiling. After completing the CoachAdviser course, alumni are invited to attend Masterclasses, to uniquely position CoachAdvisers with a strong client offering in the coaching market or as in internal leader. Courses include teaching from the London School of Economics and MIT faculty, and in-house flexible options are also available. For further information please contact us at courses@coachadviser.com