Key considerations when choosing 
a course in coaching and mentoring

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Dr. Newton is the CEO of CoachAdviser, an organisational psychologist, and faculty on Leadership programmes at Harvard Law School Exec Education and Senior visiting fellow at the London School of Economics. 

In this video, Dr. Rebecca Newton shares key considerations in choosing a course in coaching and mentoring. Drawing on her experience of coaching leaders globally for the past 20 years.  

  • Why she decided to start her own course in coaching and mentoring 
  • What clients are looking for in a coach 
  • How you can build on your current experience and expertise 
  • What barriers you might face when deciding to step into coaching and mentoring as a career 
  • 5 Things we’ve specifically built into the course to set you up with the right skills, confidence and accreditation to successfully step into a career in coaching and mentoring. 
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