Purpose, Culture and Engagement Audit


CoachAdviser worked with a professional services firm in the UK to define their purpose and audit their organisational culture.

Having co-created the company values two years before, we were once again engaged to confirm their purpose and measure how effectively they were outworking their values.


CoachAdviser conducted a combination of interviews across a range of stakeholders, ensuring an objective view of the current culture and purpose, and combined this with quantitative data from our firm-wide Culture and Engagement Audit.

The Culture and Engagement Audit is co-created and combines CoachAdviser’s engagement items with bespoke items specific to the client’s unique values and behaviours.

We analysed the qualitative and quantitative data and provided our client’s Management Board with a detailed Insights Report.

CoachAdviser presented the findings at the company Annual Team Offsite, together with recommendations and agreed areas for improvements in the year ahead.


The entire company were able to contribute to the purpose statement, through workshops and discussion. As a result, the wider team felt connected to the purpose, increasing overall engagement across the company.

With a defined purpose, the company has fast-tracked growth and continues to expand its team.

The practical recommendations provided by CoachAdviser are being adopted by the People and L&D team, to improve outcomes for the next annual Culture and Engagement Audit and provide measurable, positive business impact.

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