Purpose and Culture Framework


CoachAdviser worked with a global life science ingredients distributor, acquired by a private equity firm and having recently undergone a global merger. 

The client wanted to establish a new purpose and culture framework for the global merged entity. 


CoachAdviser worked together with the private equity company, the board and CEO to define the scope of work. 

We conducted interviews with various stakeholders including representatives from each of the global company heads, and stakeholders across the various business units of the global distributor. 

CoachAdviser analysed the data from interviews to provide recommendations on the purpose statement, strategies and the future culture framework. 

We facilitated a workshop with the global board to clarify and agree the company purpose statement, key strategies and values. 


Through the facilitated workshop process, the global board – taking into consideration the values of the pre-merger companies – were able to move forward with agreed global purpose, strategies and values.  

Through our data driven process, we were able to highlight agreed values which were strong and being outworked, and those which would require future investment to ensure consistency across the global company.  

The global distributor continues to expand and acquire new businesses with a strong purpose and values framework to guide them. 

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