Leadership in Rapid Growth


Our client was a global consultancy, working with governments and public sector organisations, going through rapid growth and transformation.

They wanted to equip their established managers to lead a larger and more complex organisation, and to develop their young leaders who were promoted rapidly.

The organisation has strong values, and are committed to delivering high impact change to governments and communities across the globe. They wanted to use these values to develop their leaders to better support and lead their teams – to develop a sustainable, healthy, high-trust culture.


In the first phase, we designed and ran a leadership development programme over 9 months, to equip leaders in core skills required for the changing organisation, including strengths-based leadership, leadership styles and effectiveness, creating inclusive cultures, and leadership sustainability.

Throughout the programme, participants received one-to-one coaching to set personal development goals. They worked with experienced executive coach to apply the learning to their own situation, embed new skills and personally drive transformation.

We conducted strengths-based profiles with 360 feedback for each participant, to highlight their personal energisers and address potential performance risk areas.


As a result of the programme, leaders were better able to lead company growth and transformation. They understood their own own strengths and risk areas, particularly in high pressure situations.

Leaders were equipped to lead with a strengths-based approach to drive engagement and performance, and were better able to have challenging conversations.

At a team level, there was increased understanding of team member strengths and collective risk areas, and awareness of leadership styles and how to adapt for different leadership situations.

Participants were equipped with insights into how to create culture of inclusion and make equitable decisions.

They increased their personal leadership effectiveness with an increased understanding of resilience, sustaining energy and how to create a climate of psychological well-being through ongoing growth and transformation.

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