Leadership Development Programme


Our client was one of the top law firms in Ireland, committed to providing Partners with tailored development opportunities to increase their leadership capacity and enable continued strong firm growth. 


CoachAdviser worked closely with the Director of Learning and Development, and conducted stakeholder interviews in the discovery phase, to design a bespoke development journey for Partners.

The leadership development programme was conducted for 25 Partners over nine months with multiple in-person programme modules, with a range of faculty contributors. 

This was complemented by multiple ‘Leadership Labs’ – facilitated group coaching sessions to strengthen cohort relationships and encourage practical application of programme learning.

Participants were provided with self-paced learning resources – curated content provided per module in various learning formats, with easy access through the CoachAdviser online learning platform. 


Through the Leader Development Programme, the Partners were provided with personal insights on their leadership styles to increase their self-awareness and self-leadership.

Partners were equipped with knowledge, skills and insights into transformational leadership, collaborative leadership, shaping firm culture, strengthening client relationships, DE&I, driving trust and engagement, delivering effective feedback and having difficult conversations. 


Participants reported that:

  • Learning about their leadership style and how they could adapt was insightful
  • Stepping back to spend time with peers and consider how to be a more effective leader in the firm was a valuable experience
  • They could recognise how to play a role in shaping firm culture
  • Learning how to have complex conversations well gave them the tools to do this more effectively, saving time and frustration.
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