Equipping Leaders for Business Transformation


Our client was a global insurance company, going through significant structural and complex changes to increase business sustainability in shifting markets.

They wanted to equip their global leadership team with the skills and ability to proactively lead the transformation in a way that built trust and increased engagement across the business.

The client was bringing 200 of the organisation’s key leaders together at an annual leadership forum to launch the change initiative.


CoachAdviser worked with key stakeholders to identify priority areas for leader development in light of the transformation agenda.

We delivered a keynote to all 200 leaders at their company offsite which provided them with an evidence-based approach to leading change with immersive activities and practical recommendations.

CoachAdviser provided transformation sponsors with clear recommendations to successfully drive the global change programme.


Leaders were equipped to with insights and strategies to successfully navigate change, balance leadership responsibilities, lead through uncertainty and drive engagement.

Set up well to launch the company project, the large, global leadership team was provided with tools and techniques to foster trust, lead with integrity, and create energy through change in what could be a challenging period for leaders and their teams.

The client was able to ensure greater consistency across change leaders in terms of their style, messaging and approach to transformation to establish a cohesive platform for change.

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