CEO and C-Team Development


An international, multi-brand technology company recently acquired by a private equity firm, wanted to strengthen and increase leadership team effectiveness.

A new CEO was brought in to replace the founder following the private equity firm acquisition.

The CEO wanted to increase his own leadership effectiveness, and better understand the combined strengths of his leadership team.


CoachAdviser provided 360-degree strengths-based assessments of the leadership team individually and as a group.

Based on the results, the CEO and the leadership team received one-to-one executive coaching, culminating in the creation of a personal development plan, which aligned with company objectives.

Workshops were conducted to increase awareness of the team strengths, identify potential risks, and encourage collaboration among the leadership team and their departments.


A successful onboarding of the new CEO and strengthening of the leadership team.

A strong collaborating leadership team, which have continued to expand their business through both organic growth and further mergers and acquisitions.

This cohesive working of the team allowed them to make the most of their acquisitions and integrate new businesses quickly, in turn increasing the return on acquisitions and helping maximise the value of their deals.

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