Dr Rebecca Newton

Dr Rebecca Newton is a Business Psychologist and specialist in Leadership and Professional Development. She lectures in Management Practice at the London School of Economics, was a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University and is a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review and Forbes. Over the past 15 years, Rebecca has advised, coached and trained over 10,000 people globally across a broad range of industries.

CoachAdviser® was established by Rebecca, working with business leaders and industry experts, who recognised the need for new methods of coach training and collaborative learning experiences to reflect changing client needs. A coach-adviser is equipped with the skills and expertise to offer trusted advice to clients and teams, in addition to drawing upon traditional coaching and facilitation tools.

The CoachAdviser® Advantage

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Expert Faculty

Programmes led by expert faculty
and experienced practitioners

Differentiate Yourself

Position yourself as, or work with, a specialised Executive Coach-Adviser®

Flexible & Accessible

Face-to-face and virtual, on-demand learning & development opportunities

Interactive. Flexible. Practical.
Experience the very best teaching and advice for your career.

The Executive Coach-Adviser® Programme

We have identified the essential skills that make the greatest difference to professional success. The Executive Coach-Adviser® Programme addresses only these career differentiators. Delivered by leading faculty and facilitated by expert practitioners, you will be equipped to coach and give advice, enabling you to add unparalleled value to clients and teams.  


This course is fantastic! I’ve already put the models to good use several times, and seen a marked improvement in my own performance and in the results of the teams I've worked with.

Yurie B

I was massively impressed. The facilitators were at the cutting edge of their field. I learned a huge amount and was inspired to take my career to the next level.

Jonathan W.

Useful and applicable. This will help me work more effectively with teams, stakeholders and clients. I particularly enjoyed the caliber of lecturers who brought both academic excellence and relative business examples.

Kathy P.

This course has had a profound impact on the way I work and I have been able to apply the techniques I learnt straight away.

Mat S.

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