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Meet the Team

At CoachAdviser we’re committed to combining world-class teaching with intensive, practical learning experiences. Our strong network offers both clients and participants access to invaluable relationships globally. Meet a few of the exceptional people who are part of our team of leadership advisers, coaches and collaborators.

CoachAdviser Team

rebecca newton 339 copy

Dr Rebecca Newton is an Organisational Psychologist and specialist in Leadership and Professional Development.

Dr Rebecca Newton

CEO of CoachAdviser, Organisational Psychologist

Kimberley Rayman is a principle consultant, coach and brings a huge range of experience in leading and delivering complex change programmes.

Kimberley Rayman

Director of Programmes, Principal Consultant, Executive Coach

Patrycja Sowa is a Consultant Psychologist. She specialises in professional development, strengths at work and coaching.

Patrycja Sowa

Consultant Psychologist, Executive Coach
Kathy Pavid

Kathy Pavid is a principal consultant and executive coach and specialises in leadership and management development, high performing teams and culture change.

Kathy Pavid

Principal Consultant, Executive Coach

Coaches and Collaborators


Ana Loback is Course Faculty, a psychologist, and experienced facilitator.

Ana Loback

Psychologist, Course Faculty

Dr Connson Locke is a Professorial Lecturer at (LSE) where she teaches Leadership, Organisational Behaviour, Cross-cultural Management, and Negotiation and Decision Making.

Dr Connson Locke

Professorial Lecturer in Management, London School of Economics, Faculty Contributor
Carrie web1

Carrie Fletcher is a leadership and strategy consultant, executive coach, and former practicing attorney. Her instructional design, teaching, and coaching work focus on the development of core individual, team, and organizational leadership skills.

Carrie Fletcher

Leadership and Strategy Consultant, Executive Coach
chris neighbour

Chris Neighbour is a Business Psychologist and Learning and Development specialist, with 25 years’ experience of designing and delivering a diverse range of learning interventions.

Chris Neighbour

Business Psychologist, Executive Coach, Learning and Development Specialist
Dr. Katie Best

Dr. Katie Best is a leadership coach and consultant, a Visiting Research Fellow at King’s College London Business School, and lead tutor on LSE’s MBA Essentials programme

Dr. Katie Best

Executive Coach and Leadership Specialist
Ant Mitchell

Ant Mitchell is a coach supervisor, facilitator and mediator.

Ant Mitchell

Coach Supervisor, Mediator and Facilitator.
Natalie Braithwaite NEW (Web Small)

Natalie Braithwaite is an executive coach and corporate wellbeing consultant.

Natalie Braithwaite

Executive Coach, Corporate Wellbeing Consultant
Rosalie Audoin

Rosalie Audoin is a senior leadership consultant and executive coach, who specialises in leadership and management development.

Rosalie Audoin

Senior Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach
Fiona Morrison 2

Fiona Morrison is an executive coach, mentor and adviser working with a wide range of clients including senior and future leaders as well as new managers and professionals.

Fiona Morrison

Executive Coach, Mentor and Adviser

Trudy Lewis is a Communication Consultant and Executive Coach.

Trudy Lewis

Executive Coach
samantha hlambelo

Samantha Hlambelo is a Executive Coach and Mentor with experience in leadership in the public and charitable sectors, ...

Samantha Hlambelo

Executive Coach

Renée Oduko is an adviser, executive coach and professional development specialist working with leaders and their teams to increase their capacity and efficiency.

Renee Oduko

Adviser, Executive Coach
Miriam Rayman

Miriam Rayman is an executive coach with expertise in leadership of change, diversity and future trends.

Miriam Rayman

Executive Coach
Andi Simmons

Andi Simmons is an Executive Coach with a particular interest in supporting professionals navigating change, managing work-life balance and women returners.

Andi Simmons

Executive Coach
Andy Stoker

Andy Stoker is an Executive Coach with 25 years’ experience of building and nurturing diverse and globally distributed teams and leading cultural change programs.

Andy Stoker

Executive Coach, Course Faculty
Antonella Costanzelli

Antonella is an executive coach and consultant specialising in leadership and talent development. Her career spans 15 years, working with many international organisations.

Antonella Costanzelli

Executive Coach
Vikki Bolam

Vikki Bolam is a senior business leader, business psychologist, experienced coach and mentor, and non-executive director, focused on propelling positive transition.

Vikki Bolam

Executive Coach, NED, Business Psychologist
Heather Labanya

Heather Labanya is a leadership development coach and consultant with law and development expertise who works with individuals, teams and organisations.

Heather Labanya

Executive Coach, Course Faculty
Natalie Thwaites

Natalie Thwaites is an executive coach with extensive experience working across a wide range of industries as a brand and research consultant.

Natalie Thwaites

Executive Coach